US 50 designated official US Bicycle Route in Nevada

US 50 designated official U.S. Bicycle Routein Nevada

The Nevada Department of Transportation announced that U.S. 50 across the state has been designated as Nevada’s first official U.S. Bicycle Route, joining the world’s largest network of national bike routes and expanding tourism and long-term economic potential for local communities along the route.

While many local bicycle routes and paths exist across the state, the designation of U.S. 50 as part of the U.S. Bicycle Route System marks the first route in Nevada to be named a U.S. Bicycle Route and makes Nevada the tipping-point 26th state in the union with a national bike route. Continue reading

Nevada’s Top Five Experiences for Summer 2018

Summer Trips in Nevada 2018

Basque food and ghost towns, stargazing and river rafting —
Experience Nevada’s “Don’t Fence Me In” attitude this summer

TravelNevada debuts five summer experiences in five Nevada territories, encouraging travelers to follow ancient Basque pilgrimages, traverse ghosts towns, explore alpine lakes and rock formations, practice mindfulness and view meteor showers from one of the last remaining dark skies.

From desolation to neon, Nevada’s eclectic culture reserves a road trip for every traveler this summer. Here are Nevada’s top five summer experiences by region: Continue reading

Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources joins in celebrating 50 years of National Trails System

With the passage of the National Trails System Act on June 2, 1968, America received an incredible gift – the creation and protection of extraordinary trails to discover, explore, and connect with nature. With approximately 2,485 miles of national trails throughout the Silver State, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is excited to “wear our hearts on our backpacks” as we join the country in celebrating five decades of the National Trails System. Continue reading

Celebrating the Wonders of Wetlands in Nevada

Wetlands: Hot Creek Pool in NevadaWetlands are the link between land and water – where the flow of water, the cycling of nutrients, and the energy of the sun meet to produce highly productive ecosystems with unique plant and animal life. In recognition of American Wetlands Month in May, the Nevada Natural Heritage Program is providing education on the vital importance of wetlands to Nevada’s ecological, economic, and social health. Continue reading