New Virtual Tour of Lehman Caves Available July 30

Using LiDAR scanning technology, Great Basin National Park has developed a full color virtual tour of Lehman Caves. This new video will be released on July 30, 2020 as a three-part series for the public to view. The LiDAR scan took 5 billion points of information and over 50,000 photos were taken to add color data. The virtual tour will be available in 4K.

This intense data is also helpful to cave managers. It documents where the current trail is and current conditions in the cave and light locations. It will also allow cave managers to experiment virtually with new lighting design to improve the experience for visitors and cave life.
Join Ranger Aleesha for a tour of Lehman Caves to go on an adventure and discover how people have used and impacted the cave and what critters really do live in caves. Do you know if you are a troglobite, troglophile or a trogloxenes? Have you ever seen a cave shield before and what is it?
Beginning July 30th, take the three-part journey through Lehman Caves to find these answers and more. Who knows, you might even get to adventure, virtually, off trail!

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