Judy Chicago: A Fireworks Story at the Nevada Museum of Art

Artist, feminist, educator, and intellectual, Judy Chicago first got to know the Nevada Museum of Art in 2018 when her Atmospheres were included in Laid Bare in the Landscape. The exhibition brought renewed focus to her connections to Land Art. Since then, the Museum has been working with Chicago to acquire her fireworks archive for the Center for Art + Environment Archive Collections.

At long last, we have finalized the acquisition. The archive, Judy Chicago: Dry Ice, Smoke, and Fireworks, contains materials from her extensive work with dry ice, colored smoke, and fireworks from 1967 through the present. A set of 12 Atmospheres and On Fire exhibition prints is also included.

The Museum now joins Penn State University, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, as the stewards of Judy Chicago’s archives. These materials are accessible through the Judy Chicago Research Portal.

The archive will debut publicly next October with On Fire: Judy Chicago’s Atmospheres Archive, which will serve as a major backdrop for the 2021 Art + Environment Conference focusing on Land Art: Past, Present, and Futures.

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In this dynamic, short video, Judy Chicago recounts how she sought to “feminize” the landscape, and why she is “thrilled and delighted” that her fireworks archive has joined the Museum’s collections.

Judy Chicago Fireowrks


Alex Greenberger talks with JoAnne Northrup and William L. Fox to learn more about how Judy Chicago: Dry Ice, Smoke, and Fireworks opens up a new vista for thinking about and collecting Land Art archives.


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