Forgotten Winchester Has a New Home at Great Basin National Park

The Forgotten Wichester at Great Basin National Park Nevada

A new exhibit is open featuring the rifle found leaning against a tree

“The Forgotten Winchester” was found by Great Basin National Park staff in November 2014 leaning up against a tree in the middle of a forested area. Who did the rifle belong to? Why was it left there? And many other questions were inspired by the Forgotten Winchester. The rifle still has its serial number but the only information we know for certain is it was manufactured in 1882.

The Forgotten Winchester has traveled to gun shows and was on display at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, WY for a summer. While on display in Cody, The Center of the West x-rayed the rifle, finding a bullet in the stock, and stabilized it.  Inspiring individuals who viewed it and partnerships like the one with the Center of the West.

The Fund for People in Parks, Great Basin National Park Foundation along with Great Basin National Park have worked together to fund, plan and have installed a new dedicated exhibit for the Forgotten Winchester.

The collaborative project includes an in-depth information card on the history of the Forgotten Winchester and the role the rifle played in the American West. It also provides the Forgotten Winchester with a case to house the rifle and the bullet. Within the case the backdrop is an image of the tree the Rifle was found leaning against, letting visitors imagine what it would have been like to discover the rifle in the forest with the park staff almost five years ago.

“It has been a fun and inspiring project to work on with our park staff and our partners to complete this exhibit and give the Forgotten Winchester a permanent home.

“The exhibit is a showcase for visitors to discover the rifle’s mysterious story and become inspired to imagine, investigate, and care about a piece of their American history”, said Nichole Andler, Chief of Interpretation, Great Basin National Park.

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