Death Valley National Park Visitor Center Reopens

Death Valley National Park

The Furnace Creek Visitor Center located in Death Valley National Park will reopen to the public on Sunday, December 30th. This has been made possible through a donation from the Death Valley Natural History Association, the official non-profit partner of Death Valley National Park.

The Furnace Creek Visitor Center has been closed since the beginning of the partial government shutdown on December 22nd. Although large portions of the park are still open to the public, all of the park’s facilities have been closed and the majority of park employees furloughed. 

“Visitor centers are the cornerstone for the visiting public. This is the place you come to have your questions answered, pick up your park map, get your Jr. Ranger Patch, and buy treasured souvenir items. Not having visitor centers open takes away from the visitor’s experience. We are so happy we can do this for our visitors,” says Death Valley Natural History Association’s Executive Director David Blacker.

Death Valley National ParkThe donation made by the Death Valley Natural History Association will keep the Furnace Creek Visitor Center open until January 10th. At that time, if the shutdown has not ended it will look at the feasibility of additional donations to keep the building open. The donation covers the expenses associated with utilities, rangers, and custodial supplies and staff required to keep the facility open to the public.

The Death Valley Natural History Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and interpreting the natural and cultural resources of the Death Valley region in cooperation with our government partners: Death Valley National Park and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

For more information please visit the Death Valley Natural History Association.


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