Playa Events/WhatWhereWhen Opens for 2018 Burning Man Submissions June 27

The 2018 Playa Events Calendar opens Wednesday, June 27 at 12 pm (noon) Pacific.There are some significant changes to this year’s version, so pay attention!

You must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile. Read that again slowly… you must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile. Gone are the days when you would need to manage separate login details just for your events.

Also, two hot new features for 2018:

  1. Save your favorite events to your own personal Playa Events calendar.
  2. Download and print your shiny new personalized calendar!

That’s right! Personalized Playa Events calendar! Just promise us you’ll still spend some time getting lost in uncharted, unscheduled territory, deal? Deal.

Does that mean we’ll be doing away with the hardcopy WhatWhereWhen? Heck no! For those of you submitting events to be published in the print guide handed out on playa, the same submission and moderation guidelines apply as in past years:

  • Only the first 1,500 events submitted to be published will make it into the print guide. Fear not! All events will be available in the online guide, and people will be able to add them to their personalized, self-printed guides.
  • Groups who submit more than a dozen events may have their total number of listings limited, so submit your events in order of priority.
  • Repeating events should utilize the ‘repeating event’ button, instead of creating duplicate entries.
  • Event descriptions for the print version are limited to 150 characters. Do not repeat your camp name, location or event time in your description, that will already be included.

Did we mention you must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile?

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