Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources joins in celebrating 50 years of National Trails System

With the passage of the National Trails System Act on June 2, 1968, America received an incredible gift – the creation and protection of extraordinary trails to discover, explore, and connect with nature. With approximately 2,485 miles of national trails throughout the Silver State, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is excited to “wear our hearts on our backpacks” as we join the country in celebrating five decades of the National Trails System.

“In Nevada, our bounty of national trails span every corner of the State, providing vital benefits to our economy/tourism, public health, and quality of life,” said Bradley Crowell, Director of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Our trail systems are rich with stories, historic treasures, rare species, and unique vistas that make our home State a great place to live, work, and play. We want to congratulate our partners at the National Trails System for achieving this exciting 50-year milestone, and to thank them for their continued support.”

Since 1994, Nevada has received approximately $21 million from the Recreational Trails Program to help fund hundreds of trail systems throughout the State, some recognized nationally for their historic and recreational value.

Nevada’s National Historic Trails
National Historic Trails are long-distance trails (more than 100 miles long), featuring historic routes, remnants, and archeology. With more than 110,000 historic, cultural, and archaeological resources statewide, the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office emphasizes that these trails call to all who want to explore Nevada’s unique history and cultural diversity.

  • California National Historic Trail
  • Old Spanish National Historic Trail
  • Pony Express National Historic Trail

Nevada’s National Recreation Trails

Ranging from less than a mile to 480 miles in distance, National Recreation Trails provide vast opportunities to enjoy Nevada’s precious environmental treasures, unique wildlife, and inspiring vistas.

  • Tahoe Rim Trail
  • Grimes Point Trail
  • Ruby Crest Trail
  • Toiyabe Crest Trail
  • Wheeler Peak Trail System
  • Charleston Trail
  • River Mountains Loop Trail
  • Historic Railroad Trail
  • Black Canyon Water Trail

From north to south, numerous national trails cross paths with Nevada State Parks, and some areas are also open to off-highway vehicles. The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program will soon unveil a digital, user-friendly geo-mapping system designed to help off-road enthusiasts navigate their outdoor adventures.

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The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ mission is to protect, manage, and enhance Nevada’s natural and cultural resources. Established in 1957, the Department includes ten divisions and programs (Environmental Protection, Forestry, State Parks, State Lands, Water Resources, Historic Preservation, Conservation Districts, Natural Heritage, Sagebrush Ecosystem, and Off-Highway Vehicles) and 11 boards and commissions.

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