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A Call to Action!
The Dann family of the Western Shoshone Nation, the Western Shoshone Defense Project, and the Western Shoshone National Council are asking for your immediate assistance in protecting a site of cultural/spiritual significance.
Oro Nevada Mining Company has filed a Notice of Intent with the Bureau of Land Management to conduct exploratory drilling for gold directly on top of a hot spring located approximately one mile south of the Dann ranch in Crescent Valley, Nevada. The drilling is scheduled to start in early September and may begin any day now.
The Danns and the W.S.N.C. have informed the B.L.M. and the mining company that the hot spring and the surrounding area is extremely important spiritually and culturally and requested that it not be disturbed by mining activity. In response to these requests Oro Nevada has repeatedly mislead Western Shoshone representative and moved forward with their exploration plans.
Past exploratory drilling has destroyed other hot springs in the area. The hot spring adjacent to the Dann ranch is especially vulnerable because of its low flow. The intrusions of mining activity onto their sacred area represents an attack on freedom of religion, a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
Public pressure must be applied to force the BLM and Oro Nevada to respect the rights of the Western Shoshone and preserve their cultural sites.


The U.S. Constitution states that treaties, agreements between sovereign nations, are the supreme law of the land. The 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley between the U.S. and the Western Shoshone Nation remains in effect, affirming the sovereign status of the Western Shoshone and recognizing the boundaries of their territory. The destruction of cultural sites and water sources was clearly not intended to be permitted through the Treaty of Ruby Valley. Oro Nevada's activities fall within the boundaries of the Western Shoshone Nation and violate the Treaty and the U.S. Constitution.
Oro Nevada Mining Company first appeared in the Crescent Valley area in early spring 1996, staking claims on most of the so-called public lands surrounding the Dann ranch. In July 1996 Oro Nevada purchased the neighboring Dean Ranch, 48,276 acres of private land spread across the Dann's traditional use area. In total, Oro Nevada controls over 94,000 acres of land in the Crescent Valley area. The company is completely owned by Oro Nevada Resources Inc. of Toronto, Ontario Canada and selling stock through the MVP Capital Corporation, also of Toronto. They were able to raise 40 million dollars almost overnight to fund the purchase of the Dean Ranch and their exploration activities in Crescent Valley. One of the founding directors is a wealthy Canadian geologist named Ian Parks who has connections with mining ventures around the world.
The Danns live on one of the few areas surrounding the world famous "Carlin Trend" ore body that has not been extensively explored or impacted by gold mining ventures. These activities by Oro Nevada represent the final invasion of trans-national gold mining ventures on the traditional lands of the Dann family. The potential of these activities to destroy the hot spring and other cultural sites represents not only an attack on the Dann family but on the cultural integrity of the Western Shoshone Nation. The destruction of sacred sites is an attempt at the destruction of the spirit. These acts constitute genocide against the Western Shoshone Nation.


1. Phone calls, faxes and letters area needed to the BLM and Oro Nevada. Calls and faxes are better because of the immediacy of the situation. Important points to make are:

The Danns and the Western Shoshone National Council have asked that no drilling or other mining activities occur in Section 10, Township 28 North, Range 49 East, the area containing the hot spring. The United States government has still failed to provide documentation on how they acquired legal title to Western Shoshone lands. Until they prove title has been legally transferred, the Western Shoshone retain their rights and responsibilities towards their traditional territory. Mining companies and the Federal government must respect the wishes of the Dann family and the Western Shoshone Nation.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion. This freedom is meaningless if the sites connected to the practice of the religion are destroyed. Other laws protecting cultural sites such as the American indian Religious Freedom Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act have been ignored in regards to the drilling around the hot spring.

Hot springs are rare and represent places of very significant cultural and spiritual value to the Western Shoshone. If a hot spring is destroyed it cannot be replaced. Drilling has damaged or destroyed hot springs in the past. The destruction of these sacred places represents a continued genocide against the Western Shoshone.

You support the Western Shoshone in their desire for the hot spring and other cultural areas to remain undisturbed.

The following individuals and companies should be contacted immediately and frequently:

    Anne Morgan
    State Director
    Bureau of Land Management
    850 Harvard Way
    P.O.Box 12000
    Reno, Nevada 89520-0006
    Ph: 702-785-6400
    fax: 702-785-6411

    Helen Hankins
    District Manager
    Elko BLM
    P.O. 831
    Elko, Nevada 89803
    Ph: 702-753-0200
    fax: 702-753-0255

    Robert Allen Jones
    Oro Nevada Mining Company
    6490 South McCarran Blvd.
    Building D-1, Suite 34
    Reno, Nevada 89509
    Ph: 702-825-7499
    fax: 702-825-5277.

    Peter M. Slocombe
    Investment Manager
    Oro Nevada Resource Inc.
    20 Adelaide St. East, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ontario M5C 2T6
    Ph: 416-368-2985 fax 416-368-5201

    Margaret Jamieson
    MVP Capital Corp.
    Box 28
    20 Adelaide St. East, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ontario M5C 2T6
    Ph: 416-867-1100 fax: 416-867-1109

2. People may be needed to participate in protests on non-violent civil disobedience to protect the hot spring and other cultural sites in the area. This would be a last resort if other avenues fail to persuade the BLM or Oro Nevada. Call us if you would be able to come out to Crescent Valley to assist. Please remember that the Western Shoshone continue to abide by the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley, a treaty of "Peace and Friendship" with the United States. We are committed to non-violence. Firearms, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited! Please call us first if you come out!

3. Donations of money and office supplies are always need. Research is needed on Oro Nevada and its Canadian relations. We are especially interested in discovering what individuals and/or companies have invested in oro Nevada Resource Inc. or MVP Capital Corp.


P.O. Box 211106, Crescent Valley, NV. 89821

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