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As serene and comfortable a border town as you will ever see. Good food, lodgings and rainbow trout.

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Topaz Lake
From The Complete Nevada Traveler, the Affectionate and Intimately Detailed Guidebook to the Most Interesting State in America. Buy the Book Here This is the other lake shared by Nevada and California. It has a cluster of bright lights overlooking the sun-spangled waters below, and the steep crags of the Sierra Nevada tower photogenically above, but for some reason it's Tahoe that gets all the attention.

Nevertheless, Topaz is an exceedingly pleasant place to visit. Deer browse down the mountainside, birds decorate the sky, and rainbow trout lure anglers down to the lake in season. At roadside, a mini-casino — more like a fishing lodge with a gambling motif — caters to travelers on US 395. Facilities at Topaz include boat launch ramps, boats for rent, campsites with trailer hookups as well as more formal lodging. On a sunny day in springtime, when the snow is still clinging to the Sierra and the rainbow are hitting the hook, it's hard to avoid having a good time.

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