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South of Beatty, the Beatty Dunes lend a distinctive flavor to the region.

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by David W. Toll

Beatty is entering its second century.
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The Montgomery Hotel was Beatty's finest in 1912.
FOUR YEARS AFTER the discovery of silver ore at Tonopah, and two years after the fabulous discoveries at Goldfield, prospectors organized the Bullfrog Mining District and established a number of small communities, Beatty among them. Because of its favored location astride the Amargosa River (which makes most of its long winding way to Death Valley underground), Beatty survives while the livelier mining towns of Bullfrog and Rhyolite are dead.

Beatty today is important as a gateway to Death Valley, as the first community of size north of Las Vegas, and as a headquarters for exploring and rockhounding. An information station for Death Valley National Monument Park is located just west of the stop sign at the center of town, and the Chamber of Commerce is a short distance to the east of the sign.

The Exchange Club bar is one of the art treasures in town, and is well stocked with the usual lubricants and gambling games, as are The Stagecoach and The Burro Inn, on the north and south sides of town respectively. Restaurants, groceries, gasoline, auto repair, lodging and all services for motorists are available.

The enclosed hot spring pool at Bailey's on the north side of town is open to visitors for a small fee, or stay in an RV space and your soak is included.

Beatty's environs are among the most spectacular in the world, and Beatty is a good base for exploring the countryside.

Nevada Route 374 leads to the historic ghost town of Rhyolite and over Daylight Pass — or better, take the unique and thrilling digression through Titus Canyon when it's open — into Death Valley.

South of Beatty there are two areas of particular interest. One is the Beatty Dunes, west of US 95 and accessible by graded dirt road. This romantic feature was the setting for much of the movie Cherry 2000, starring Melanie Griffith as its future-shocked and violence-prone heroine. Most days you'll have this curious geographical feature to yourself.

The ruins of Carrara, a marble quarry named for the famous source of Michelangelo's raw materials, are easily visible to the east about nine miles south of Beatty. There are a few concrete ruins along a bumpy track that proceeds from the highway into the colorfully uplifted and folded strata of the hills. The striped hillsides attracted the stone workers who established the quarry in 1904, shipping their cut and dressed stones to Las Vegas by rail from the Tonopah & Tidewater depot here. A hotel with a large bathing pool made stopping here a special pleasure in the old days.

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