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Lamoille is a pleasant village in its unique setting in the foothills of the Ruby Mountains. A small store, food and lodging are within a stone's throw of one another, and the beautiful Lamoille Canyon is just up the road.

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Lamoille in Elko County NV
California-bound wagon trains took this detour away from the Humboldt River
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This charming village at the foot of the Ruby Mountains is a little Shangri-la of family farms and country lanes that has become a popular destination with travelers from around Elko County and around the world. The attractions are The Pine Lodge, a long-established dinner house (and 3-room hotel) with an absolutely astonishing display of game animals in the dining room--mounted moose heads are just the beginning here. There are museum-quality diaramas with deer, mountain lions, even enormous bears at your elbow as you nibble your entrecote.
Welcome to Lamoille, Nevada
Welcome to Lamoille, Nevada
Michael's Ranch House is just a memory now, and the two-story ranch house, once a reknowned Bed & Breakfast (the hearty Sunday brunch was worth the drive from Elko) has become simply a ranch house again. Since beyond the memory of man Lamoille's long, quiet winters were the very model of rural isolation, but with the establishment of Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski, and now with the very elegant Red's Ranch accepting guests, Lamoille in winter is a miniature cosmopolis. Each morning just after daybreak, helicopters detach themselves from a cow pasture near the entrance to Red's Ranch and float up to the summits of the Rubies, where they pause to set a small group of skiers and their guides lightly down on the virgin powder snow. The view from there, of the vast white wilderness, is magic enough. And the swift plunge down the mountainside: pure ecstasy.

It's also expensive, which is why the apres-ski crowd tends to be well-heeled, and explains the conversations about skiing in New Zealand, Africa and South America. One group of skiers arrived from Texas, only to discover that one of them had left his ski boots at home. So they telephoned the pilot of their jet at the Elko airport and had him fly to Aspen to buy a pair. He was back with the boots in four hours.

The Lamoille Glaciers of Elko County NV
Ruby Mountain is one of only two heli-ski operations in the west, and with 500 square miles of ski terrain in the Rubies alone (and two other mountain ranges available), it is by far the largest in the U.S. It attracts skiers from all over the world. "It was the best skiing of our lives," an earnest Marin County pediatrician told me during a winter visit to Lamoille. "Every run in fresh snow. No lift lines - no lifts, for that matter. It's an indescribable sensation to be the only skiers on the mountain."

The scenic Lamoille Canyon Road is one of the most beautiful in the west, one of Nevada's crown jewels, in fact: a smooth granite sluiceway created by slow flowing glaciers, and provides a full summer's day of picnicking, fishing, strolling or serious hiking in the pines.

Campsites in the canyon were washed out last spring when Lamoille Creek went on a flooding rampage, but there are rest rooms at the upper end of the road, which is also the trailhead for the Ruby Crest Trail.

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